I can confirm that the week just past was indeed, a week.

This week we were joined by a new member, Basil, the Slackbot Elf. Basil is our special Christmas helper Elf. He helps arrange the Christmas activities in the Clearleft towers and it seems he's learnt a few things about Node because he now uses Slack to communicate with us! We can tell he's not quite in the Christmas spirit just yet though, because when we talk to him he just replies with Chuck Norris facts. Did you know? Chuck Norris does not need Twitter...he is already following you. Scary.

Ampersand fast approaches. All the typefaces are going to be there. Imagine hanging out with Comic Neue! Obviously a party dude, that one.

Critically acclaimed series, Mr Robot, officially launched on Amazon Prime causing epic levels of binge-watching throughout the 6 people in the country currently on the service. An equal number of brains have melted in the process. I hope they all watched the scene after the credits on the last episode.

Around the web, it seems Ad providers are learning how to get past my Adblocker by providing reasonable, unintrusive ads. Who ever would have thought such action would prove successful? Mind. Blown.

But seriously folks, Street Fighter V beta 2 is currently underway. Today they're testing the PC and PS4 cross-play feature; A series first! And the icing on the cake is the ability to play the second batch of announced characters. Why are you still reading this?