Jess and Clare return from Philadelphia with bags filled with cheesesteaks.

But before we get to that, I have been playing around with more server stuff and indulging in more Bison Beer buffoonery.

John Ellison has been writing non-stop about his time at the Clearleft Towers. Earlier today he showed the us his latest side-project: setting up a Slack channel and accompanying website for people who want to help refugees. Launching soon.

Andy P announced UXBrighton Lightning Edition in November which is currently open to submissions.

Charlotte, Mikey and Ben S have nailing down more concrete thoughts and designs around the website for next year's UX London website.

Rich has mostly been busy telling the world about Ampersand. You should totally go.

Andy B has been taking on the role of seed camp mentor, and helped mentor 8 start-ups formed by members of the soho house group as part of the Intersection conference they ran with Yahoo.

Jon, Ben W and James Bates have been going buzzword crazy on the brand refresh project which "has seen an incredible amount of divergent sketching, discussions, ideas and executions". Or, as Ben puts it, "Many logos".

Middle Street has seen an event on 'How To Run Effective UX Workshops' and the Brighton Mobile Meetup.

Tessa has been wearing a sparkly jumper. And it wasn't ironic.

Jeremy and Charlotte kicked off a series of lunchtime discussions (we call them brown bags) to catch up whoever is interested on the current state of the browser. Lots about Flexbox and CSS Shapes.

Jess and Clare have been, and I quote,

Digital PM conference.

Kate, covered in rhinestones went to Nashville for the Story conference there and then went to, amongst other things, the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Johnny Cash Museum, AND a hot dog stand called I Dream of Weenie).

And, finally, the greatest discovery of the week, nay, month, is what happens when you shake your cursor in the latest OS X, El Capitan. Try it and you'll see.