Nothing of note happened in the entirety of September. My forgetting to write the weeknotes for that month has nothing to do with anything. Okay. I think I got away with it.

Last week, however, was transformative. We companied better than all companies I can assure you. I have been toiling away on the launch of the full Bison Growler Club website which will supersede what we pushed up in time for the P.E.A. Awards on the previous Saturday which Jess, Anna C, Andy B and I attended at the invitation of Bison Beer, who were sponsoring an award. We learned that the Stereo MCs are still a thing.

The epic Clearleft rebranding has kicked off in earnest upping the usual level of beard stroking and checked-shirt wearing within the office to dangerous levels. James Bates, Jon and Ben W have been placing more than their usual quota of Escher inspired drawings along the walls. I'm expecting an all-out Battle Royale to determine the branding victor. I hope Jon gets the frying pan.

Jeremy has returned from speaking at An Event Apart in Austin where he tried out a new talk called 'Resilience', a link list to which can be found at: And since his return Jeremy is determining which of us Front-end devs to let go in favour of Google's newly unveiled AMP Project,, which will surely revolutionise the internet.

Finally, Anna C decided to feed Andy T's dog a grape which the Internet says is a Very Bad Thing™. Grapes, it turns out, are one of Nature's deadly killers.

See you next month.