Jeremy took a sip of tea and contemplated the evening that lay ahead. It was a Tuesday, but not just any Tuesday.

This Tuesday, 68 Middle Street was playing host to Codebar ...and Jeremy had volunteered to keep an eye on things, lock up afterwards; all the stuff that Tessa would usually handle. Now he was also being asked to be one of the mentors, helping people learn HTML and CSS.

The tea worked its magic, simultaneously relaxing and invigorating him. "I can do this", he thought. But deep down, the nervousness remained. He suspected that this could be a long evening.

He was wrong.

The evening went by in a flash. Not only did he manage to do a bit of teaching, he actually ended up really enjoying it.

Looking around the auditorium that evening, seeing people help other people gain literacy in building for the web ...well, it was quite a humbling and inspiring sight.

The atmosphere was relaxed and yet invigorating at the same time. "Just like a good cup of tea", thought Jeremy. "Just like a good cup of tea."

Meanwhile, Andy Parker relaxed, and, stroking his chin, he contemplated the honour of being the only male speaker at the most invigorating Talk UX.

Not co-incidentally, 68 Middle Street hosted the first of many relaxed events in Spring Forward, a month-long invigorating celebration of the role of women in an digital culture.

Andy Thornton and James Bates wistfully contemplated their strategy jaunt, whilst surveying the Copenhagen skyline. It was a relaxed city, but invigorating, they agreed.

Meanwhile, a relaxed James and Anna kicked off an new project with a large retailer. Not a moment too soon, as they had just been to visit the Cabinet Office to explore a potential new and invigorating project.

Jess relaxed into a new project with a well known public school for boys, then prepared to kick off a redesign for a high street lingerie retailer.