It must officially be winter now, because this week not only have we been finalising our selections for the staff Christmas dinner (ooh!), but a few folk have been struck down with Lady Flu (Sophie) ’n’ Man Flu (Ben W, Graham). Yep, it’s Lemsip a-go-go here.

Everyone has, though, been cracking on with work, even if they have been a bit sniffy and sneezy. Ben S & Ben W continue with their ace contributions to a publishing project; James Bates, Jess, Mark, Andy T and Jon are still busy with our Scandinavian clients, and Rich, James Box, Jess and Mikey are in the thick of further broadcasting-related wondrousness. Tessa has taking care of more 68 Middle Street bookings, with Seb Lee-Delisle running a CreativeJS workshop - ace!

The most exciting news of the week was the arrival of our new developer, Charlotte, for which we went out for a noodle-y lunch on Monday to celebrate. She and Jeremy have been embroiled in front-end dev powwow-ing, plus Charlotte’s been re-building the Sliverback 3 website. And while we’re noting what that crew have been up to, Mark has been working on our local development environment… crikey, there are sparks flying off keyboards down their end of the office! Ant and Andy B had meetings with lots of interesting people (as they do). Andy P was on holiday but still packed in loads of things, from confirming his participation as part of a student project revew panel at Ravensbourne College to skateboarding with Mikey (and eating chocolate eclairs).

It’s not just been tea and Lemsip (and eclairs) fuelling activity... On Thursday, most of the gang were fully caffeineated after a barista training session with the lovely gang at Small Batch Coffee. In other surprising refreshment-related news, we have been eating GOLD FLECKED BISCUITS! They look incredible ('like inside out Ferrero Rocher’, according to Ant).

Two final notes: We took delivery of our new ping pong table, now installed in the conference room (Transformer-style, it does a good impression of a very smart meeting table, too). Cue plenty of merry matches to christen that… And today Rich is partaking in 6Music's Wear Your Old Band T-shirt To Work Day. Maybe we should make that compulsory(ish) in the office next year…