Adactio bacon sandwich

This week started with some mountain biking and running prowess.

Not to be out-done, Ben White and Andy Parker walked 10,00km around Copenhagen and its surrounding areas as the week started out with some air miles for the NWM concluding some work they’ve been doing out there. Andy Thornton tagged them out on Wednesday as he virtual hi-fived them at 10,000 feet on his way to run some workshops in Copenhagen’s delightful Christianshavn district.

With holidays this week for Sophie, Tessa, James Bates, Jon, Jess Andy Budd and Ben Sauer, there’s a quieter throng of activity than usual.

Kate and Jeremy are into zero hour with dConstruct getting information from what some of the sponsors have planned which include a giant jenga from SiteGround and what in my head is going to be a swimming pool full of Lego to play with courtesy of the folks at American Express. Kate also discovered a way of getting a free Krispy Kreme.

Jeremy has been resizing images for the Wellcome Pathways project. Said images were very large and detailed 19th Century illustrations of the effects of venereal diseases. It is very difficult to resize images in Photoshop while simultaneously trying not to look at the screen.

Jess got flustered after a brief meeting with Sami Hyypiä whilst picking up her future star son from Brighton & Hove Albion training ground earlier in the week.

Graham has been mostly enjoying breakfast and the mac mail beta.

The Boxman, Clagnut and Mikey have been designing with data which they’ll be broadcasting to the Director General soon.

Andy Budd is now residing in his home from home of San Francisco; you'll find him in any number of coffee shops around the mission between now and next week before he heads towards Burning Man.

At 12:48 on Friday an intervention was conducted to stop jvbates from reading his email whilst on holiday.

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