The big news this week was the announcement of our move to a new office later this year. This is something we’re all really excited about. We’ve been gleefully poring over architectural drawings like Bond villains planning their lair. I’m still holding out for a fireman’s pole right down the middle of the building. Is that too much to ask?

In other news, we got word that we won another science-related project. This time it’s for an intranet. The challenge will be to build an intranet that doesn’t suck. Based on the evidence of every intranet I’ve ever seen, this might be tougher than it sounds.

Tuesday dawned with bright blue skies and mild weather. Everyone in Brighton had a smile on their face. We even ventured out for ice cream—the first of the year. It was a lovely, glorious day.

First ice cream of the year

By Wednesday, the error had been rectified. Grim, overcast skies and bouts of cold rain ensured that Brighton returned to its regularly-scheduled Winter blues.

Many of the Clearleft team fled to London: a combination of Fine+Rare, UNICEF, and Lloyd’s Online Doctor project meetings meant that on Thursday, the office was almost empty.

Always late to the party, I decided to head up to London on Friday to stick my nose in on Josh’s progress with the secret project at the Wellcome Trust. Let’s call it Project Unicorn. It’s going great—they’ve got a fantastic team of people assembled in a war room on the eighth floor of their even-more-Bond-villainesque building.

My only regret is that by being out of the Clearleft office on Friday, I missed the design pow-wow, which sounded particularly interesting this week.

Andy and Richard jetted off to Austin for South by Southwest, probably for the last time. It’s the first time since 2005 that I’m not there. Pour out some Shiner Bock for me, guys.

They’re not just there to booze and schmooze. Well, Richard isn’t anyway: he gave a talk on web typography to a packed-room. If you’re in Austin, say “hi” to Andy and Rich.