It's a short post this week, mostly as it's 5pm on a Friday and it's all that stands between me and a well-deserved frosty beverage.

Project work continues to consume most of the studio. The Fine+Rare team have moved into the detailed design phase, so James & Jon have been considering overall brand strategy and putting down early UI sketches. Paul's busy putting the final touches to UNICEF's responsive mobile prototype along with working on his talk for Responsive Day Out. Ben's been busy with Brighton & Hove's travel service JourneyOn. Harry and James have been planning discovery workshops for Lloyd's Online Doctor and Harry's finishing up an expert evaluation. Jess has been keeping everything on track working her usual project management magic.

I always feel bad as I don't mention Andy & Rich much. It's not that they're not doing anything (honest!), in fact they've both been really busy on an exciting new stage in the Clearleft story. We can't say anything yet but expect an announcement soon.

Internally, Mikey's continuing with the design and development of the new Ampersand sites. Jeremy's been in the states giving his talk 'The Spirit of The Web' at An Event Apart Atlanta, a flying visit this time, so he was back in Brighton on Thursday and is now busy pulling together final touches for a Responsive Day Out – which is next week! We can't wait.

Kate's back in her spiritual home town of New York ironing out venue and logistics details for Ampersand NYC.

There's also been a lot of food chatter this week. Spawned by the launch of the excellent Brighton Burgers (we're keeping an close eye on that one) we've debated burgers (and the best cooking techniques), James' golden section of sandwich fillings, bread classification, pork schnitzel's and the preffered crispocity (I made that up) of bacon.

Right, beer o'clock.