Tessa and Sophie have been preparing the space downstairs for our new tenants to move in next week making it a full house. They have also been talking to people about using our auditorium for local community events. Speaking of which, we'll be hosting this years UX Barcamp Brighton on November 2nd.

Jeremy started setting up the device lab, drill in one hand sawdust in the other before running a responsive design workshop with the Wellcome Collection team this week. He's finished off the week in Nürnberg.

Rich has been conducting a content audit and card sort exercises with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and preparing for a workshop for Residents Planning. He has been joined by Bevan Stephens who has been doing some discovering and exploration around visual design.

Paul is designing a new blog interface for Picture Box and helping out with some updates for the Wellcome Library.

Mikey has begun discovery for Charity Job, making the most of our new volume of wall space for quick sketching and concepts which is very exciting to see.

Kate is getting ready to pack her bags in preparation for travelling to New York along with Rich and James Bates for Ampersand NY, our first event held outside of the UK. There are still some tickets left and with such a great line up of speakers you should grab one.

Both James Box and Bates are now residing at the offices of Pure360 as their work moves out of discovery into design.

Graham, Viviana, Mark and Jon have been rounding up their work with The Holiday Place.

Jess and I visited the team at Age UK this week to run a playback of what we have done so far and to plan our work schedule for the rest of the year.

Ben and Andy Dennis are out of the office most of the time working on a new project at Wellcome.

I have been planning a workshop day with Age UK and mentoring our interns. The guys have now had three weeks of ideation and have reached a decision on which of their ideas they will be moving forward with for the remainder of the project.

Spending time with our interns Victor, Zassa, and Kilian this week has lead to discussions on user stories. Why do we need them? What are they for? Are they really worth it? A very good debate which brought me to the suggestion of writing comic strips for their concepts - a day in the life of a user. They then debated and whittled their concepts further before presenting them to the office and asked us all to dot vote our favourites.

Friday, Ben, Victor and myself went to Playful13, a conference about promoting play. It was a great day with a pic 'n' mix of speakers from a variety of fields ultimately reminded us all how important it is to just muck around with something and see what happens.