The weeknotes are little late this week (or is it last week?). It's been a busy time, with lots of heads-down immersion in client projects.

Clare, Anna, and myself travelled up to Cambridge with Graham. At the end of a productive day, we all made our back to Brighton ...except for Graham. It feels so empty here without him now. They grow up so fast, don't they? Still, I'm sure he'll back when he needs his laundry done. I just hope he's making friends.

James Bates spent the entire week in London for an intense on-site sprint, immersing himself in the world of online publishing and advertising.

Richard and Ellen had a lovely client down in Brighton for an epic all-day workshop. It was exhausting but very rewarding.

Charlotte almost didn't go to Codebar this week, but was glad she did in the end. She came up with a wonderful way of teaching a CSS lesson.

Mark has been working on an internal development tool, and this week saw something of a breakthrough. We're very excited to share it with the world ...and we will!

Watch this space.