Here at Clearleft we love The Week magazine, so were really happy when they approached us to create their iPad App. Excitingly, the app launched last week and has been getting a fantastic response.

The Week magazine is a brilliantly entertaining, condensed serving of the week’s news and events - basically all that’s fit to print in one handy package! It was started back in the mid ‘90s as a antidote to the deluge of information that readers got from the unwieldy, dense broadsheets. Since then, of course many folk have switched to getting their news online, sending many print publications into a downward spiral… but The Week has managed to buck this trend, actually growing in popularity each consecutive year since its launch.

As our super UX Designer, Harry says: “Dennis Publishing knew they had a winning formula for The Week magazine and they wanted to be certain that none of the magic was lost in translation when they created the iPad edition. This is where Clearleft came in – kicking off a project with numerous research and design iterations; and testing lots of high fidelity prototypes before settling on the best-performing design. We’re amazingly proud and excited about this product, and we can’t wait to see how it fares in the App Store.”