The approach has certainly proved itself for us and our clients over the years, but to facilitate an effective Design Sprint, a good understanding of the process and structure is vital. If you're keen to find out more then Jake Knapp's book, Sprint, is the ideal place to start.

Design sprint canvas
A Design Sprint Canvas in action

Once you’re in the thick of a Sprint even experienced hands can find it hard to stay on track and keep everyone motivated and aware of the bigger picture.

So, we've put together the Design Sprint Canvas - a handy tool to help guide facilitators and Sprint participants through the process. We’ve set out a clear sprint structure, key activities, moments and space to capture important information that can all too easily be lost when time (or brainpower!) isn’t on your side.

Download a copy now, print it out big, and put it on the wall for the duration of your next Design Sprint to help keep everything on track. Let us know how you get on.

Find out how Clearleft’s full design sprint facilitation service can help you run your own design sprints.