Why you need to join UX Fest this June.

For practitioners...

  • Discover how design leaders, experts, authors and founders have shaped and adapted the UX, design and product teams of our industry’s most influential brands to tackle one of the most challenging years of recent times.
  • Sense-check your bias as design leaders - share how to design at the forefront of accessibility and inclusion.
  • Take some much-needed development time-out to level-up your skills (with a selection of masterclass covering + masterclass themes for google sheet tab))
  • Learn to speak more business. In this new world, designers need to better understand the business landscape. UX Fest will give you a host of shortcuts to stakeholder buy-in.
  • Learn from your peers in networking sessions designed to fast track meaningful conversations about shared challenges.
  • Find your next mentor or mentee relationship from outside your existing circle of contacts.
  • Reconnect with your industry and get excited about the future. Because fresh input leads to better thinking.

For leads, senior ICs, managers and principals…

  • UX Fest will give you on-the-ground insight into how your fellow team leads are navigating this new world. You’ll hear stories of innovation and growth that can truly educate, and inspire fresh thinking from your team.
  • Take a moment to zoom out and look at the big picture; be challenged and ensure the design culture we're fostering is industry standard by hearing the latest thinking on design and strategy, culture and ethics.
  • Get an industry temperature check so you can evaluate where you’re at right now and where you need to be aiming towards.
  • Boost team spirit. Nothing cements a team better than learning together. While we have to be apart, UX Fest is the best way to share an experience and level up as a team. Plus we have group discounts built-in (more on that below).
  • Meet potential candidates and collaborators via our Festival Miro board. Our event job board is the perfect spot to fill your recruitment pipeline at UX Fest.

Customise your UX Fest experience

Get access to the conference days that suit you best... or go large and book one of our Combo passes. You can level-up your UX Fest experience with a choice of over a dozen masterclasses too.

The Conference pass: 1, 2 & 3 June Three days centred squarely around interaction and product design - this is for designers of all levels. There will be talks on everything from user research and product strategy— through to UX writing, multi-variant testing and growth design. Find out more

The Festival: 10, 17 & 24 June We'll be zooming out to cover big picture topics including ethics, culture and design in business. The Festival days are perfect for more senior practitioners, design managers, senior ICs and product owners. Or anyone who has their eyes on the design horizon. Check out the programme

Masterclasses: 8, 15, 22 June These individually bookable, 90-minute sessions are led by industry experts and will cover some of the hottest topics in our field. This is an opportunity for you and your team to learn a host of new skills, like strategic thinking, growing your impact, designing better workshops and more. Explore the topics

On demand access

All the sessions from the Conference and Festival days will be available to pass holders on demand for three months after broadcast. So you don't have to miss a thing no matter your time zone.

We're committed to accessibility, so all the talks will be captioned or live transcribed.

Bring your team

There are built-in discounts for groups of five or more so your whole team can get the benefits of participating.

**Grab your pass here or masterclass spot here*