Email newsletters are having quite the renaissance right now. We figured we'd throw our hat into the ring and introduce Clearletter.

We've been testing the waters for a few months now. We started with a newsletter just within the company. Then we opened it up to friends and family to get some feedback and see what people thought of it.

All of the newsletters are archived so feel free to have a rummage through what we've already written. The latest one is about automation. There was another one on video games. Another dealt with ethics in design. It's quite a mixed mailbag.

A good way of thinking of this newsletter is that it's like getting a miniature dConstruct in your inbox every two weeks. There's no set topic but each individual email (issue? edition?) will have some theme running through it. Culture, technology, science, design's all up for grabs.

So this isn't a newsletter about Clearleft and what we're up to—although we may occasionally mention something we've done, but only if it's relevant to the topic at hand.

As you can tell from browsing the archive, we're still figuring out the format. We're using TinyLetter for now, but we might switch to MailChimp or some other provider in the future. There isn't a set length to the emails, but they're generally turning out pretty short, with just a handful of choice links threaded together.

It's all a bit of experiment but one that's turning out to be quite enjoyable—and challenging—to put together. If it sounds like something you might be interested in, sign up to Clearletter today—the next email is due to drop next week.