According to the World Health Organisation, over one billion people worldwide live with some form of disability. Despite this, many digital platforms remain inaccessible. Global Accessibility Awareness Day encourages designers, developers and organisations to consider accessibility in their digital products and services, promoting a more inclusive online environment for all users.

A young woman is sitting working on a mac computer.
UX Designer Sophie Count working at Clearleft's Brighton studio.

At Clearleft, accessibility isn't an add-on; it's built-in, it's a fundamental aspect of our design philosophy. As a leading design transformation agency, we strive to ensure that every product and service we create is accessible to all users, regardless of their abilities. This Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we’ve chosen to highlight some of our recent projects, blog posts, podcast episodes and videos that embody our commitment to accessibility. While we often let our work speak for itself, this day provides a valuable opportunity to share our journey and the principles that guide us in creating inclusive digital experiences.


Accessibility audits for all - It’s often said that it’s easier to make a fast website than it is to keep a website fast. Things slip through. If you’re not vigilant, performance can erode without you noticing.
Accessibility testing - I was doing some accessibility work with a client a little while back. It was mostly giving their site the once-over, highlighting any issues that we could then discuss. It was an audit of sorts.
Accessible interactions
- Accessibility on the web is easy. Accessibility on the web is also hard.


The Clearleft Podcast, season two - episode three: Accessibility. Join Laura Kalbag, Léonie Watson, and Cassie Evans as they dive into accessibility on the web. And experience what it’s like to use a screen reader to navigate a website.


Irina Rusakova at UX London 2022 - Designing with the autistic community: inclusive design that benefits everyone

A woman standing on stage giving a talk at UX London conference, there's a full audience watching.
Irina Rusakova l UX London 2022


Case Study - Camden Council. This is the story of how we helped Camden Council see user-centred improvements to their special educational needs and disabilities Local Offer website.

A purple background with three digital wireframe illustrations. Three yellow post-it notes lay on top
Camden Council digital wireframe illustrations.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day reminds us of the importance of inclusivity in the digital world, reinforcing the message that accessibility is a continuous journey towards a more inclusive digital future.


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