At the start of the year I had two social events I wanted to put together as an opportunity to get to know more people within the Brighton digital community.

Events like UX Brighton or AsyncJS (which now has a permanent home at 68 Middle Street) are great ways of expanding your skillset, sharing your work and learning new things. But I wanted to do something that was more about bringing together people to do something completely different to their day jobs.

Clearleft has in its ranks a number of petrolheads, and a group of us occasionally go racing or attend race meets both on 4 wheels and 2. For the team that was assembled for a project with Dennis Publishing to look at the future of Evo Magazine in digital form it was a match made in heaven.

With the Digital Festival coming up in just over a month, what better way to get together some of Brighton's talent than putting them on a race track and let them battle out at Teamsport Go-Karting in Lancing?

And with that I give you Brighton Digital Karting on Thursday, 18th September 2014. A night of endurance racing open to anyone as part of the Brighton Digital Festival. You can get some more information and register your interest at, I'll be opening registration for teams during the week with 10 team slots available (4 drivers per team).

If you want to be like Honda, there's no reason not to have a Factory Team and a Satellite Team entry, just remember you only get 1 engine per race and there's only one choice of tyre compound - whatever is on the kart when you turn up.

I look forward to meeting some new people, and getting to know a few familiars better.

See you on the grid.

This was originally published on my own site