We’ve spent the past few months working with various local community groups, arts institutions and conference producers to arrange what we believe is going to be the biggest festival of digital culture in Europe. Backed by our friends at the Arts Council, the Brighton Digital Festival will run throughout the month of September and involve around 30 events; from art exhibits and community meet-ups, through to international conferences and events.

Kicking off the festival on the 2nd September will be our very own dConstruct conference, followed by Brighton’s first Maker Faire. So if you’re in town for the conference, make sure you stick around. Following hot on our heels is the new Update conference, while mid month we see the return of the ever popular Flash on the Beach. Finishing the season we have Improving Reality, a brand new conference focussing on digital arts.

As well as the big conferences, we’re going to see a load of smaller talks and community events happening during the month of September. We’ve also got some interesting digital art exhibitions and installations planned, including “A Machine to See With” from local art collective Blast Theory.

We’re still looking for more events, so if you’ve got an idea for something you’d like to run, please drop us a line.