Introducing the research canvas - the bedrock of our research here at Clearleft.

Before we start any research project we complete our research canvas. We do this in collaboration with our client to build a solid foundation and framework for the project. Completing the canvas ensures that the research maintains focus and delivers against the identified business objectives.

The Clearleft Research Canvas

The canvas is made up of the following sections:

  • Business goals - the overall goals of the business towards which this research will contribute, e.g. getting more student applications, increasing donations or selling more products
  • Research objectives - what we are trying to understand by running the research
  • Questions to answer - specific questions about the users, and their experience, that we would like to answer by running the research
  • Participant details - attitudinal, behavioural and demographic details of the people we want to take part in the research
  • In scope - the areas of the website, product or service that the research will focus on
  • Out of scope - the areas of the website, product or service that the research will steer away from
  • Constraints and challenges - considerations of any constraints whilst running the research, e.g. access to a staging website

By completing the canvas you will have a solid foundation to begin the research process. It's also important to keep referring back to the canvas throughout the project in order to make sure everything is on track.

Download the research canvas

If you would like one of our researchers to talk you through the canvas on a quick call then please get in touch.