It’s been another busy week at Clearleft towers, as evidenced by the fact that we’re writing last weeks weeknotes on a Tuesday. The eagle eyed amongst you may also have noticed that our weeknotes suddenly jumped from the beginning of November to the beginning of December. Basically we’ve been so busy helping new clients get projects kicked off before christmas that we accidentally skipped a whole month without noticing! Fortunately we’re back on the ball now, and looking forward to sharing what the studio has been up to.

We started a new project with a fantastic education charity called A World at School this week. These folks are doing wonders promoting the need for better education around the world, and our team are proud to be helping them in this endeavour. We also entered into our second week on a new project, helping to redesign an online education product for schools. If that’s not enough we kicked off an interesting research project with Southampton Solent University, so it’s definitely a case of education, education, education at Clearleft this week.

In other project news, we’ve been cracking on with an interesting “blue sky” project for a national news broadcaster, and visited our friends at Bravissimo to discuss the next stage of our engagement with them! We’ve also been having lots of interesting chats with a range of potential clients, including a scientific publisher, an established start-up, a high-street supermarket and one of the biggest events in the entertainment calendar. As a result, Anna Carlson spent most of the week heads down, writing proposals. So if half of these projects come off, we’ll have a busy start to the year!

A little closer to home, James Bates and Ben White have been cracking on with our rebranding project, while Rich and Ellen have been working on copy for our new and improved website. We have a new member join the team, in the form of Jess Medling, our part-time Head of Marketing. We’re also gearing up to release the beta version of Silverback 3, so let us know if you’re interested in helping us out.

68 Middle Street played host to a tonne of interesting events including Codebar, Home Brew Website Club and Async. Also in the mix was the new Agile Swap Shop, a meet-up for agile project managers organised by our very own Jess Jebari and Clare Kirkland.

Our Christmas Jumper day at the studio was apparently a huge success, although I sadly *cough* missed it as I was attending How to Change the World at the Royal Institution. Or maybe I was meeting potential clients or schmoozing with London agency types at Digital Podge. Whatever the reason, I know I had a good reason for not being in that day. Maybe next year Basil!