Charlotte and John Ellison spoke at Bytes, a mini conference to raise money for the charities; A Band of Brothers and drop4drop. Charlotte shared her experiences of moving from pages to patterns; read more about her thoughts on public speaking on her blog. John Ellison spoke about his amazing personal project to help solve the Refugees crisis.

Jeremy and Charlotte hosted Codebar at 68 Middle Street, and as always found it a pleasure to tutor for the evening, it was a busy evening and great to see so many people leaning together.

Ellen and Jeremy held an ace two part workshop on Structuring content and overcoming your content critic. It was a very helpful few hours, that gave confidence to many of us to try and use different methods of writing out of our comfort zone. Many creative stories were re-written including the the beginning of Elf, starting with the birth of Christ.

Clare and a few Clearleft members went to Tedx Brighton on Friday for another round of inspiring talks from aspiring people.

Clare has also been working on Silverback as well as helping the interns by share her expertise on prioritisation

Only two weeks for folk to buy Ampersand tickets! Please remember to book your ticket online to join us for lots of fonty goodness!