Who doesn’t like a list am I right? In the spirit of it being the turn of Charlotte to run weeknotes, here’s a list of things that we’ve watched, read, listened to that made us think - yes, the internet is rather good isn’t it?

Andy Parker

Catherine Mohr Surgery Futurist: Thinking Digital

How would you like to do work that actually makes a difference? Catherine talks about projects she has worked on recently, and the advancements in surgical technology, it is… humbling. For an extra bonus, stay on for Patrick Meier on creating services to predict and prepare for disasters and his account of living in Haiti and the impact of the earthquake in 2010. https://youtu.be/M2OCfuS1-D8

Graham Smith

Paul Robertson Super Dino Boys

8-bit animation at it’s best, and because it should be a real game. https://youtu.be/n8yAfHU-0JI?list=PLMP4As9S_wsr9E2H5TWyMMu5uiKt_5sUR

James Bates

Kung Fury

If you don’t know, we’ll assume you soon will. Awesome. http://www.kungfury.com/

Ben Sauer

Practicing Non-Judgement

Leo Babauta shares thoughts on living life without judging experiences. http://zenhabits.net/dislike/

Richard Rutter

Art-Directed Responsive Web Typography

Top notch article by Mark Dugonjić for Smashing Magazine. Mark will be speaking at Ampersand this year. http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2015/05/27/benton-modern-typography-case-study/

Jeremy Keith

They Write The Right Stuff

This article first appeared in Fast Company almost twenty years ago. It’s a fascinating look into the culture and process that created and maintained the software for the space shuttle. It’s the opposite of Silicon Valley’s “move fast and break things.” http://www.fastcompany.com/28121/they-write-right-stuff

James Box

Personal Ritual Dissent

Pawel Brodzinski explains how ripping an idea to shreds can prove positive results. http://brodzinski.com/2014/04/personal-ritual-dissent.html

Jon Aizlewood

Ghost Army: 99% Invisible

The story of the US Army's 'Ghost Army'. During WWII they drafted in artists and painters to help create a false army using radio, visual and sonic deception tactics. http://99percentinvisible.org/episode/show-of-force/

Kate Bullpit

Isle of White Inspiration

Here’s where I spent my recent birthday. http://www.northbankhotel.co.uk/local-area/