Another week has passed and we are exhausted. A considerable amount of air miles have been clocked up with half of the team attending the Business to Buttons conference in Stockholm where they heard Steve Wozniak speak, ate pickled fish and stayed in Hipsterville (SoFo). Andy B travelled from Japan for UX Days Tokyo to the US to attend the IA Summit Minneapolis, thankfully he did his laundry in between. James Box has been in New York attending the GEL 2015 conference and celebrating his 21st birthday, congratulations old bean!

The Bens, Andy P, Jon and Clare have been continued their hard work on a project with a our favourite publishing client.

Jeremy, Charlotte, Paul, Dennis, Ellen and L'il James have been up in London most of the week with John Lewis, while Boxman is swanning off in New York. Things are going well, and it was nice to have the John Lewis gang down in Brighton on Thursday too. They're a lovely bunch. Ellen has been working with the John Lewis team on prioritising and compartmentalising their mobile content strategy questions.

Mikey, Mat and Jess have been iterating on the design concept for our well known lingerie client, as well as a day of co-working with the client team out in the country.

James Bates and Mr Andrew Thornton have continued their quest to improve the world of banking.

We are all obviously loving the sun and the terrace is proving to be everyone’s favourite meeting space. Red faces all round. Anna Roback, our latest recruit (woohoo!) is looking at implementing a design for the terrace, to include further meeting pods, raised beds for vegetable growing and even a climbing wall. I voted for a hot tub and tropical plants but then no work would get done.

Last but not least though is the HOT news that we have now installed the baby changing unit down in the ground floor bathroom. Please contain your excitement folks.