The burning question for me on my return to 68 Middle St was who would be wearing the first shorts of the summer. I was disappointed to be find not one pair. Come on Clearleft menfolk, at this rate the only way we’ll know it’s summer when Jeremy dons his official summer shoes!

James and Andy T welcomed our Nordic clients to Middle St last week for some collaborative design workshops, while Ben, Ben, Andy P, Jon, Ellen and Clare have been continuing to work with our publishing client on number of workstreams.

Clare has been with us a for a few weeks now and is proving to be an excellent hire, not only offering her skills as a Scrum master but also supporting clients with Agile coaching which has been going down very well indeed.

James, Jeremy, Charlotte and James M, Andy D and Paul Lloyd have been cracking on with the collaborative project with John Lewis, with the whole team relocating up to London to work collaboratively with the team there.

Jess, Mat Walker and Mikey had the first playback with a well known Lingerie retailer yesterday and planned the next sprint with the focus being on the design concept and key user journey exploration. Really great client here, very engaged and up for being bold!

Rich, Mikey and Mark are in the final few weeks of a website redesign for a well known London public school. It has been fascinating ‘going back to school’ and getting under the skin of what makes this school so unique and appealing.

Some of the team fancy themselves as brewers, heading up to London to create their own ale. All they need to do now is come up with a name and design the logo and labels. I still think Beer’d would work but I am alone in my thinking.

I spent last week off on Easter holiday with my boys - kitten buying, taxi driving, curry making and character building.

Having sold out of UX London Three Day passes a while back, we launched new Simulcast tickets, meaning folk who missed out on tickets now have a chance to attend… Folk can snap them up here.

Hoping the sea mist lifts and allows the sun to poke through soon.