The big news this week is somewhat bittersweet: Harry is leaving us and the undiscovered country of freelancing. We’ll miss having him around.

But that also means we’re very much on the lookout for a kick-ass UX designer. If that’s you, apply for the position. You could be the next Harry Brignull (there’s a scary thought).

Apart from that, it’s been pretty much business as usual. There’s been lots of activity on Fine+Rare and Lloyd’s Online Doctor, involving some back-and-forth to London. Paul is finishing up the initial design work for this year’s dConstruct—it’ll be up to me to butcher his lovely concepts when I turn them into living, breathing markup and CSS.

Kate has been working like ker-razy! on UX London stuff. It seems like there’s a never-ending amount of preparation to do for this event, but I’m sure it will all be worth it in the end.

But all in all, it’s been a fairly typical week here at Clearleft Towers. We’re going to finish the week with a movie night. Josh has chosen the theme (and the movies). Now we just need to do a quick sortie for some beer and Pringles and we’ll be ready to finish this week in a nice relaxing filmic way.