This week had an interesting twist: for a short time, we were behaving more like a print design agency than a web design agency. Boxman has been scheming up a physical printed deliverable for a client, which is why we've had illustrators, copy writers, and book designers in the office.

As the deadline for printing loomed, we got to experience all the excitement and nervousness that goes with double and triple checking everything right up 'till the last moment, proofreading every word multiple times. Then it was off to the printers, followed by a period of anticipation. Today we held the final printed output.

It feels nice to make something physical, but it's also nerve-wrecking. There's no editing something after launch, like you can do with a website. There's no ctrl+z. There's no rolling back to a previous commit.

Fun, though.

In other news, Andy B. has gone to Manchester to get food poisoning. That's not a slur on Manchester--he really did get food poisoning, poor chap.

Myself and Richard went up to London to chat to a potential client--someone we've worked with before, that we really like. The meeting went very well, although it always feels weird to spend four hours on trains and tubes for an hour or so in a meeting.

Meanwhile, back in the office, the front-end pow-wow and the design crit happened simultaneously yesterday. Alas, not in the same room. We're all for being multi-disciplinary, but we can awfully tribal at times too.

But the main focus of activity this week has been around Hackfarm. We ride at dawn!

Well, we ride around 9:30ish. We'll be forming a convoy of multiple vehicles carrying geeks and their toys off to the countryside for a week of non-client related activities, like hacking, collaborating, walking, cooking, eating, drinking, celebrating, and vomiting. We anticipate very little cannibalism, but that's the thing with Hack Farm: you can never predict exactly what's going to happen.

Oh, and we'll be joined by a new intern. He has no idea what he's in for.