Well it has been a busy two weeks for us all at Clearleft, with half the team working extremely hard on an exciting project with one of our broadcasting clients. Bates, Andy T and Mark have finished up a big phase of work with our lovely Nordic banking client this week and another big team (Ben, Ben, Kim, Ed and Andy P) are embarking on the next phase of a big project with a well known publishing client.

UX London tickets went on sale this week and they have already been selling like hot cakes. Thanks to Mikey, Kate and Graham for getting the site up and running.

We enjoyed our work Christmas do last Friday and drank far too many cocktails at Hotel du Vin. We made up a new drinking game - details on request. There was talk of a lump of cheese being thrown but it transpires that it was, in fact, just Lars and his imagination playing tricks on him again. Or... it might have been Jess after one too many Babychams. I guess we will never know the truth. Many a new nickname was born that night, some will stick, some won’t. Our Secret Santa gifts were a success again this year - ranging from a fine bottle of Malbec to Chanel nail polish to a Spandau Ballet lyric inspired framed picture.

Ant has been enjoying the latest in central government procurement processes - they're definitely improving, but still huge beasts to populate. And always seem to come all at once. Rather hoping that a good UX ITT opportunity comes out of this latest set. And as ever, a lot of interesting chats with possible, and past clients. Quite a few conference calls this week too - seems that we're talking to more overseas prospects again.

Parker has met with a London based development group to discuss collaboration on a project for 2015.

A recent project we were involved with was on BBC Click recently. Have a listen to find out more.

Sophie has been working on the new structure of the Brighton Digital Festival. We're looking into becoming a Community Interest Company (a non-profit but without the overheads of running a charity) plus investigating funding sources. She has also been interviewing potential Project Managers - contract and permanent.

We are having our Christmas afternoon of boardgames and mulled wine tomorrow in the Auditorium here at Middle St. Really looking forward to thrashing the others at charades.

Congratulations to Ben White (aka Finchy) as he completed on his house purchase today and turns 21 tomorrow. It is, quite literally, all go for this man.

Finally we all wish you a very happy holiday season and look forward to getting back into it in the New year.