Kate Bulpitt
Kate Bulpitt
21st November 2014

There was an arrival this week that nearly everyone was excited about. Not just Jeremy’s return from America (hurray!), but at last, our very splendid, and beautifully made, standing desks were delivered! This meant there was some debate as to who got dibs on the first batch… and after several games of Rock Paper Scissors, Jon, Ben, James Box and Mikey stood supreme (boom boom). It should be noted that Jon, Graham and Andy P had put in some back-breaking effort in getting them upstairs - thank you, gents!

What has everyone been doing whilst stood at their desks, you might wonder. Well, Rich and James Box have been cracking on with a very busy broadcasting project, and Ben W and Andy P are still at work with our super publishing client. Ant, Rich and Andy P went to visit the very lovely folk at RBKC, to discuss the UX of local government. And Graham’s been wrapping up work on the UX London website, which is looking fantastic, and will be coming to a screen near you soon…

Of course, it wouldn’t be a normal week at Clearleft if some of us hadn’t gadded to a conference somewhere. Ben S went to Leanconf in Manchester which he said was awesome. Here at 68 Middle Street, Tessa was looking after the Meaning conference, which was organised by Nixon McInnes and held in the Auditorium; Andy P and Sophie bobbed along to that. Sophie also went to a Brighton Digital Festival governance meeting (yep, it may not be ‘til next year, but the gang are already beavering away on it) and a meeting learning about Employment Law - crikey!

In other news, Jess sent the email of the week, involving a fax machine (this followed my order for a new scanner - all the mod cons!). Oh, and a random note: if you’re in the market for some reading, Andy P recommends Scott Jehl’s new book, Responsible Responsive Design.

Next week we’re looking forward to an arrival that will be much more exciting than this week’s - our new developer, Charlotte Jackson, joins us. Roll on Monday…