This week there’s been lots of conference action here at Clearleft Towers. Andy B and Jon were at the Festival of Marketing, where Andy gave a presentation on digital transformation and the need for marketing departments to relinquish more control of their products to digital experts. Andy P spoke about progressive enhancement at 300 Seconds at the Open Data Institute in London (he said it was a great night, and noted that both institutes are working to make the web a place of equality and accessibility). Jeremy continues to gad to his speaking engagements Stateside. Ben S gave a talk today at UX Brighton, which was also attended by Ant and Viv. And Graham was at Break Conf in Belfast which he really enjoyed (his description of the talks in one word: excellent).

Jess, James Bates, Andy T and Mark had a merry and productive time with our Scandinavian clients, who’ve been visiting us here in Brighton. This was the second week of a fortnight of co-working, spent collaborating on what the next sprint of work will entail (Andy T’s description of this time in two words: informative and fun).

Meanwhile, Rich and James Box have been busy on a project with some super broadcasting folk, and Ben W’s in the midst of work with a publishing client. Andy P has been planning a project to make use of the beacons donated by Scott Jenson for Physical Web and how we can enhance services at with them.

As to in-house things, Sophie’s in the thick of recruiting for a Project Manager . She’s also been plotting the new office layout for when our fab standing desks arrive (not that we’ll all be standing - some of us are still happier on our swivelly chairs, custard creams on hand). Tessa’s been busy with yet more events downstairs, and is now enjoying a very well deserved couple of days’ holiday. Mikey’s been beavering away on the new version of Silverback, which we’ll be launching soon… exciting! And my week has been full of UX London and finance merriment, as usual - though my highlight was having an email read out by Steve Lamacq on 6Music! (plus it included a Smash Hits reference, so was a double score).

On the Office Jollies front, on Monday we all went out for lunch to celebrate Graham and Jon’s birthdays. Burgers were eaten and root beer floats were drunk. Now we’re book-ending the week with another meal together… Viv’s leaving dinner. Exciting (but sad for us) news is that Viv has accepted an exciting new role with our lovely clients, Firefly - she’ll be bobbing away to work on the UX of their educational products. We’ll miss her, of course, but wish her all the very best. Oh, and I’ll sign off by saying that her departure prompted a ‘Goodbye’-themed playlist on the office stereo… the first time I’ve heard the Carpenters, Bananarama or the Sound of Music soundtrack in the air here!