An Autumn cold has swept through and claimed several victims, either requiring days off ill or just days working from home.

In addition, several of our Nordic team have been back in Copenhagen solely to eat at Pate Pate, from what I gather.

Also, today Andy T, Andy P, James Bates, Ben S and myself attended Playful in London. Mostly good talks resulted in a good day with much to discuss in the pub afterward.

Ben W has been going all Karate kid with SASS (I'm Mr Myagi here, obviously) and has been working with Andy P to get the holding page up for silverback 3.0, the release for which is fast approaching. Ant has been helping device test the app and Viv is preparing to go all Inception and user test our user testing app.

Before my time at Clearleft they helped to redesign which has finally gone live! Better late than never we say.

I don't know where all the time is going because we're already back to planning the next UX London, which is keeping Kate occupied sorting out budgets and the like.

And on the topic of time, next year it's Clearleft's 10 year anniversary! So both Sophie and Kate have been on reconnaissance to provide us with the ultimate location in which to celebrate said occasion. Can't wait.