It's been a crazy few weeks here at Clearleft, mostly due to the explosion of activity here for the Brighton Digital Festival, the centrepiece of course being this year's dConstruct, which happened last Friday.

Happened! Past tense! It's kind of hard to believe.

If you came along to this year's dConstruct, thank you. I think you'll agree that there was a lot to process. Listening to the audio recordings may help.

It's been all go here at 68 Middle Street too, with plenty of Digital Festival events taking place.

Meanwhile, client work continues apace (although obviously everyone took some time out for dConstruct). The Nordic financial project looks like it's aiming to smash the record for most number of meetings held in a single project--the first meeting of the day was at 8:30am this morning!

At the same time, the discovery phase just wrapped up on a big project and now some of the designers are looking forward to getting stuck in.

So business as usual, but with a massive big thought-provoking event in the middle of it all.

It's somewhat surreal for me not to have dConstruct looming in my future, but I have some other events to look forward to. I won't be organising them though, just speaking at them: Smashing Conference in Freiburg, From The Front in Bologna, and SmartWeb in Bucharest. A nice little European tour. I should get T-shirts made.

But before all that, it's time for one last beer on the beach while the last rays of Summer shine upon Brighton.