The AA have been working on metaphorically sending money from one digital space to another before it is replicated with fibrous materials, or cash as it is know in some areas.

Graham created the first ever custom Clearleft Grunt Task. There’s already a bug in it because it’s failed to make me a cup of tea even once this week - and I’ve had Grunt Watch running the whole time.

Mark, upon his return from breaking more world records in Germany has been working with Graham’s Grunt Task and A renewed frenzy occurred as more of us caught the indoor climbing bug at Boulder Brighton.

Ben, Ben and Viv have been reviewing the well known Christmas challenge of how do you put a bird inside a bird inside a bird inside a bigger bird?

Emails went out to get driver and team names for our Karting event in September and only 1 team replied (well done Team Bufallo).

Kate has been working with our sponsors for dConstruct held at Brighton Dome next Friday and

Jeremy has been to Chicago and back (but didn’t go to the Divo show). He was able to speak at Chicago An Event Apart and completely out-shirted by Jon Hicks You can find links related to his presentation (on progressive enhancement) here.

Tessa started the week in Ireland, and finished it by confirming the final line up for all the amazing events as part of Brighton Digital Festival that we are hosting at 68 Middle Street throughout September.