Now well into holiday season and the return of the average weather, it's a mixed bag of weekly notation.

It was announced this week that Rich and James Box will be on hand at the UX Brighton Careers Advice day as part of the Digital Festival on September 9th.

Andy Parker and Ben White have spent the week doing rapid iteration prototyping, exploring the use of tactile animation, alternative ways of representing data sets and how to design for print first.

Viv ran a workshop on domain modelling in our auditorium, a great deal of brown paper and post

Tessa has been curating new artwork for 68 Middle Street and finalising the programme for the digital festival which are almost all up on the events page. We're very excited to see that as a venue, we have the most number of events throughout the month with a varied programme. We also would like to remind everyone that we are fully wheelchair accessible. There was also an incident. A teenage seagull, presumably spotting one of Kate's new dresses flew into the patio doors. It then proceeded to stagger around, and then left a present which needed to be cleaned up. Should have gone to Specsavers.

Kate and Jeremy have been running a few competitions this week to win tickets for dConstruct including the introduction of Anab Jain to the lineup.

Jeremy has been working with Anna Debenham on some updates to the platform we designed for Code For America, which has raised some interesting discussion and thoughts on pattern libraries and the experience had when using them. You can read more on along with some pictures of one of our visitors this week Oskar the dog and various bowls of Ramen.

I’d also recommend you listen to Jeremy on the recent Responsive Design Is Podcast.

Graham has bought a brand new Windows Phone for the device lab, feel free to come look at how the 2.5% of the world live any time of the week along with the other devices for your testing desires.

Whilst finishing of the beginning of a wonderful new relationship with the beeb, putting his photoshoppery to the limits. Mikey has made a bet with Andy P that if he cycles to Reigate on Sunday Andy can't moan about anything for the rest of this year.