A busy week here at Clearleft, following the triumph of last Friday’s Responsive Day Out. (Thanks to Drew McLellan you can listen to the audio)

We all started the week by gathering in the Auditorium for our annual Company Strategy day. Lots of opinions, energy and great to have the chance to all hang out together. We haven’t quite got the next 5 years mapped out, but it felt like a big step in the right direction.

Other than that it has been heads down.

Graham, Mike, Jess and Rich are wrapping up the second phase (of three) of our Wellcome Trust project.

Jon and the Jameses are continuing work on the Nordea project, Andy T having a well earned holiday this week.

Andy P is fighting the good fight for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea - this week he turned a 19 page application form into 9 web pages.

Jess, Ant, Andy, Rich and Boxman went up to that London to kick off our work with the BBC. We’re super excited to get going on this project.

Kate has been mostly working on finance & dConstruct.  Plus she had TWO SCOOPS of Gelato Gusto with a visiting American pal.

Speaking of dConstruct, in honour of its 10th anniversary this year (doesn't that make you feel old?) Jeremy launched the swanky new website, lovingly designed by Mikey. Check it out!

Jeremy is also preparing to give a talk at today’s Indie Tech Summit - who are holding their workshops here at 68 Middle Street tomorrow. Big shout to Aral and the team, and hoping it all goes well.

In other news, Ben W and Ant hopped along to the D&AD New Bloods exhibition. Oh and Ant stayed on a boat. As you do.

Finally 68 Middle Street has been excited today to welcome Daphne, Kate’s mum’s 5 month-old miniature dachshund: possibly the cutest puppy ever to exist. I'm still getting over the licks.

All that and BBQ'd bacon sandwiches for today’s Breakfast Club (thanks Andy P). Yum.