It's a week in which
we roll out many Haikus
to update you all.

Finishing touches
to V2.0 of which could be
released tomorrow.
A. Parker

I've been at Thinking
in Newcastle. the
Northern dConstruct?
A. Budd

Presented a talk
On service design in gov
Alongside our client

Designed new pages
For wonderful Age UK
Went down very well
R. Rutter

Hi Copenhagen,
User Experienced you,
Bye Copenhagen.

Now: Just landed thanks.
No five hour delay, luckily.
What a pleasant change.
A. Thornton

tickets for dConstruct
went on sale Monday morning
be sure to get yours

spoke about Indie Web
at Decentralize Camp
a fun gathering

spent a day with my
fellow Open Device Lab
J. Keith

Started The Rise Of The
Standing Desks. For I am
so very handy.
B. White

Last week of Sprint 2.
Included testing, workshops,
J. Box

Busy me!
UX London. UX London U-
X London UX London

K. Bulpitt

68 middle st
has hosted Async and Ladies
that UX
this week.
T. Watson

A talk I'm writing
consumes time and attention.
Practise. Make it good.
B. Sauer