With Andy T, Boxman, Bates, Jon and Mark in Copenhagen for the next two weeks and the pathways team of Jess, Ben, Mikey and Graham in London two days a week the office is quiet.

The project with NBCUniversal is now in handover and I've been able to start taking a real look at some internal projects we have going on whilst looking back across the last 3 months and considering how to take the things I've learnt on collaborative design and move it into the next project.

Jeremy has been head down with the 2014 dConstruct site and preparations for his workshops and talks across at An Event Apart towards the end of this month.

Andy B is currently in the Brooklyn visiting various friends including the guys at ustwo NY who have had unbelievable success with the launch of their game Monument last week.

Rich has been working on new things with Royal Borough of Kensington Chelsea Council, Viv is changing the world for good with a project for Capacity 4 Dev, and Kate has been speaking to hosts for the UXLondon 2014 after party.