Apologies for the tardiness of this week’s (well, last week’s now) notes, but we were all rather busy on Friday pitching in to help at the Responsive Day Out. It was a splendid day—top-notch talks and good banter all day long and into the evening.

The other big event of last week was the launch of Springboard—our fast-track programme for organisations that are short on time or budget, but have a wealth of ideas. James has all the details. We’re hoping that this will allow us to work with a wide range of businesses and startups who previously might not have hired Clearleft; Springboard now gives them an affordable option.

As well as those two big events, everyone’s been beavering away on a nice broad range of client work. Paul was continuing his transformation into a unicorn, doing the design and development of a responsive site for Unicef (when he wasn’t sweating over his talk for the Responsive Day Out). Batesy, Mike, and Harry are making excellent progress with the project for Lloyd’s pharmacy. Jon, Mark and Boxman have been up in London a lot working with wine specialists Fine and Rare. Josh has also been going up to London to help out on a project at the intersection of science and publishing. And Ben has been doing a whole lotta usability testing for a local authority.

Phew! It’s a veritable hive of activity. But as busy as it gets, we always welcome visitors so we were very pleased when a group of Belgian web devs who were in town for the Responsive Day Out came by to use the communal device lab.

Belgians device-testing