I was up in London on Friday for Edge Conference, hence the tardiness of the weeknotes. EdgeConf was good fun, by the way. I've written a bit more about it over on my own site.

Speaking of conferences, UX London is now sold out. Huzzah! If you didn't get a ticket, sorry (but you can't say we didn't warn you).

On the completely other end of the conference scale, tickets for the cheap'n'cheerful, down'n'dirty Responsive Day Out 2 go on sale tomorrow at noon. I think you should get a ticket. You might as well: they're super-cheap.

Anyway, back to the week's doings here in Clearleft Towers. It felt like quite a few people were preparing to disperse for client work in foreign climes: Brussels, Copenhagen, and, um ...London. But before those teams parachuted in to begin operations as embedded agents, everyone was gathered together at the office. I think we even had a full house at one point.

That was particularly nice when we all went out for lunch at The Victory to welcome the latest addition to the Clearleft team: Ben White. Yes, we have a new designer. And yes, it's another Ben. We now have Bens White and Sauer, which sounds like a nice choice of flavours.

It was a busy week for events at 68 Middle Street too, including She Says, and a rehearsal for next week's 300 Seconds.

The week finished with James, James, and Mikey flying the nest to hit the slopes of the Alps with their snowboards in clichéd designer fashion.