And so the reign of terror that Mark and I applied to the Weeknotes duty draws to a close. Been a packed week this time, a fair amount of mileage, and some really exciting new beginnings.

Viv launched the Spring Forward festival, a month-long celebration of the role of women in digital culture. All the events programmed so far will be here at 68 Middle street.

Ben, Graham, Jon and I were flung to Belfast for a couple of days to the BBC Connected Studio News Archive event at the Titanic centre. It was a really interesting event where we took the idea we had come up with in Shoreditch a month or so back, and developed it into a testable proposition- we're calling it BBC Tangents, and we think it'll be a fantastic unique vehicle for the BBC to take their archive material out into the audience. Wish us luck- Auntie is reviewing and judging all the entries over the next month or so and we were really impressed by some of the other proposals.

Ben and Graham, chaperoned by Jess, were up at Wellcome to kickoff the new project we're working on with them- not actually sure if we can say what it's called yet, so erring on the side of caution there. Suffice to say that it's a really interesting idea and we're getting to work with some brilliant people up there.

Jeremy has had a haircut, and a birthday. Jess has had a birthday, but not a haircut. I know, hard to keep track.

Kate informs me the UX London continue to fly off the virtual shelves, and that the wonderful Rob Boynes , one of the speakers at this year's event, was hot desking here on Thursday. He may well have been down with the Dennis guys who had a hackweek in Brighton this week- Andy caught up with them for a few drinks midweek.

Andy was also at the kickoff meeting for this years Brighton Digital Festival ( link to last year's site )- it's that time of year when all the September extravaganzas we work on start to take shape (I was at a kickoff for the Mini Maker Faire a few weeks back). This years BDF consortium has grown and changed somewhat, and there were a dozen or so co-conspirators in the auditorium plotting 2014's events.

Aaaaand finally- drum role please- we have a fantastic new hire to announce! In mid March we will be joined by Ben White. He'll be coming aboard as a UI Designer, bringing his impressive design chops and extensive experience. Welcome to the team Ben.

Oh one more thing- I did ask for horse poems this week. Only one came through. If I get enough tweets over the weekend I'll put it up on Monday.