Another week, another weeknotes. It's going to be a quick one this week as pretty much the entire office is out at The Story - safe to say it's been a bit quiet in the office today.

So, in short...

Andy, Jon and I (Mark) have been carrying on with work on a new sexy interface for NBCU's PUMA asset management application, which is progressing along nicely.

Graham has been building a top secret little web app (shhh), part of which has seen him experimenting with Backbone - which he has now tossed out the window in favour of a hand rolled framework, codenamed 'TinyMVC'. Nice.

Jeremy has been cooking up a fresh new talk for An Event Apart later on in the year, and James (Bates) has been whittling down the candidates for our open designer role. Getting close now. Mr. Budd has mostly been sneezing his way through the week, and Ant has been out doing what he does best - LUNCHING. Rumour is that he's had three lunches a day for the entire week. Now that's what I call dedication.

But without doubt the most exciting thing to happen this week was the delivery (and subsequent eating) of the amazing Code for America cake, posted all the way from the US of A (or maybe not) for Anna, whose sterling work on the Code for America site went live last Friday.

That's it folks! Catch you all next week....