It's that moment you've all been waiting for. However, I've been told that writing the weeknotes in JavaScript is not advisable, so I'm going to struggle through with English and see how far I get. Please bear with me - it's not my language of choice.

So what's been going on then chez Clearleft this week? Well I (Mark) have had my head down working with Andy P on some high-fidelity prototyping for the NBCUniversal PUMAtv Asset management system, apparently 'creating new paradigms whilst squashing old ones out of existence'. Or so I'm told.

Graham and Andy P experienced the wonder that is Nidhogg, an addictive Indie game available Steam at I Am Arcade Brighton's dedicate bi-weekly video games event held out our Neighbours Sticky Mike's Frog Bar, Graham made it into the quarter finals after a lucky default moved him straight into the second tier. Pow!

Jeremy has been galavanting around as usual, spending most of the week in Munich, workshopping with the designers and developers at and brainstorming with them on possible strategies for responsive design. To quote: "It was very productive and enjoyable. Also, I ate schnitzel and drank beer". Happy days - you can't beat a good bit of schnitzel and (German purity standards compliant) beer.

Tessa has had an busy week of running up and down and up and down and up and down the stairs attending to all the building related bits and pieces - and rather excitingly has managed to procure us a new wheelie bin for glass recycling. No more piling up the wine bottles on Jess' desk and giving her a bad name.

We've also hosted a Crypto Party in our auditorium space and the first in the new series of AsyncJS, which was a bit of a cracker by all accounts.

And talking of events - our own Mr Andy Budd has been mentoring at Seedcamp London this week, battling through floods and industrial strife to share his wisdom with a new generation of start ups. And in Clearleft event news, UX london tickets continue to fly out of the door and Kate's been busy putting togther a snazzy sponsor pack for anyone who is interested in sponsoring the event.

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