Dear world,

This is a condensed and to the point list of Clearleft’s activity last week, written while I am away in NYC with some of the team attending Brooklyn Beta.

The Team: Last week was our first week in the new building. So we were sorting out snagging issues and getting settled in.

We had our first Monday morning meeting in the new office and held it on the patio, in the open air, which was nice. We also had drinks on the patio Thursday evening with our new tenants.

Andy Budd: On Friday a few of us got invited to go and see comedy at the Dome, by their events team, as thanks for all the business we've bought them over the years.

Kate: I am cracking on with Ampersand NY preparations (after a week at a wedding in Milwaukee/gadding in Chicago).

Boxman: Midway through sprint two of four for the Pure360 Discovery project. Teetering at the diverge/converge tipping point.

Andy Parker: I started the week in Norway renovating a house in Sulesand, Bates and I met with the new Brand Manager for Age UK and the Team at Netcel to discuss plans for the next few months.

Mikey: I am wrapping up some work with Picturebox and getting ready to get the amends live and helped on a pitch with Batesy and Paul.

Viviana: I am working on holiday place and went to IKEA with Rich and Kate to get some essential new office goodies.

Paul: I worked with James Bates and Mikey in preparing a set of pitch documents for an potentially interesting set of projects.

Jon: I have been working on The Holiday Place amends with Viv and Mark.

Andy D & Ben: After the ideation workshop they presented back their set of ideas for Wellcome’s ‘Project X’.

Gabs: I did a presentation on Agile and scrum for the Clearleft team which went down very well.

Interns: We took the new Graduate Interns out for lunch and they have settled in to the new office well. They have worked together and presented back their idea for the forthcoming project

Alex: We said goodbye to Alex Edwards ( who has been a great intern for the last 6 weeks and is now back to finish her degree at Reading University.