We have been joined by the delightful Alex Edwards, who will be interning for the next month.

Alex has been studying at Reading University and is a typography lover. Alex has spent the week learning about Fontdeck and getting stuck into some top secret work with Paul and Rich.

It's great to have Jess back in the office. Jess has been away for a few weeks and I must say that within minutes of her return the decorum lifted throughout the office with great conversation and catching up with everyone.

Tessa and Sophie started the week dealing with waste management for the new building, sadly not like Tony Soprano, and included more of an education in conservation area laws of Brighton. The good news is their week has concluded with far more interesting activities revolving around our move into our new home at 68 middle St and what move doesn't go better with a party?

Kate has been arranging planes trains and automobiles for our dConstruct and Ampersand NYC speakers - tickets are still available, for both events. With just two weeks to go before dConstruct, I can sense a vast amount of peeling and sticking of labels approaching.

I have been working with Ben on ways to present back user testing findings, which has meant a fair bit of time importing videos into various editors, logging times and building rushes.

Ben, Boxman and myself have also had a bit of time to work on talks and presentations for upcoming conferences. Being the first time I have spoken at a public event I have found it reassuring and encouraging to have such a versed group to discuss things with from notes, to tempo and of course the content.

After his time in Vegas, Andy is now heading off into the Nevada desert, whilst Jeremy visited UX Week in San Francisco where he ran a workshop on Responsive UX. Jeremy will be rounding off his American tour at An Event Apart Chicago next Tuesday.

Sprint one is underway with The Holiday Place and I can see from the board that there is plenty of stories in progress.

As Mikey returns from his holidays, Paul is now at Spa for the Formula 1 Grand Prix; I'm quite envious.