It's been a quiet week in the current Clearleft HQ with much of the team on annual leave spread across the globe.

New details were released regarding the art exhibitions we will be hosting as part of Brighton Digital Festival this September. The events will be the first opportunity to come and explore our new home We've been working out a rota so that we can all spend a bit of time in the space before we officially move in at the start of October.

That's right, a living url. The site actually went live last week, and I have been meaning to write about it since, but as I will soon explain, the window of opportunity hasn't opened itself - more to come.

Rich and I have completed what could be described as an experimental UX sprint, with huge success. Starting the week with two days of stakeholder interviews, two intense days of collating the output and a full day workshop to round off the week, forming a roadmap for the evolution of

This isn't wholly unusual; turning around research in a tight schedule like this does happen from time to time, but we have finished the week with a 'shippable' product.

Kate has been steering the good ship dConstruct and things are heading off to the printers today, whilst volunteers and sponsors get finalised.

Paul is working on emails for, following on from the design and illustration work from last week with Batesy.

Andy Budd was in the city that never sleeps this week talking at SXSW V2V. You can check out the slides from Design as competitive advantage on Slideshare some time in the next week. Andy has also been learning about the Vegas Downtown Project.

Following on from my own leanings towards agile processes this week, the team working with The Holiday Place have now established the planning element of the project with the aid of our guest scrum master Gabrielle. Sprint 1 is up on the wall and kicking off this coming Monday.

Viv has been working on prototyping new features for with Axure RP and enjoying it immensely.