17? OK, we dropped the ball. To make up for it, this week will be a bit more than notes.

First off, Hi! I’m Andy Parker , I am the newest addition to the team at Clearleft with this week marking my official start, and just like the tradition of receiving keys to the house at 18, I now have my own set, I guess that makes me all grown up.

I’ve actually been hidden behind the scenes for a few months now, working on a number of different projects and getting to know everyone.

Week notes! Ben has taken over the white wall testing interesting ideas around how to search documents for a rather exciting project we can talk more about in a few weeks.

Jon has been busy bumping into people that turn out to be from his home town; this is becoming bizarrely frequent and puts quite a spring in his step.

When he isn’t reminiscing about who threw the best house parties he has been flat out on a new section for this very site. It’s been a bigger undertaking than I think any of us realised, but Jon is now at cruising altitude with the landing strip in sight. He’s also been in charge of booking tickets and accommodation for those of us who are attending this years Brooklyn Beta . If you know anyone with an apartment they want to rent out get in touch.

But that’s not all! Jon has also been working on a new site for Skillswap Brighton and is in the planning stages with The Holiday Place with Boxman and Viviana.

Jeremy is quietly getting over excited about dConstruct which is mere weeks away now. Tickets are still available, with this year being closed by the hilarious Adam Buxton. Kate and Jeremy have been geeking out about food and parties for this year, returning to the office yesterday with some exceedingly good cakes.

Kate and Jess have been researching locations for this year’s hack farm where we’ll spend a week in a remote location hacking a new project from scratch. I promise not to use anyone else's toothbrush.

Mikey and Jeremy have been wrapping up a responsive site project with Kew Gardens and you’ll be seeing the outcome of that in the coming months.

It’s also been quite a busy week for meeting new people. James Box, our User Experience Director is busy hiring the finest UX talent known to mankind whilst Jeremy is meeting bright stars in Front-End Development. We're always on the lookout for senior designers & developers, so please check out our current positions or drop them a line if you want a coffee and some cake.

We had a visit from Andrés Aquino from The Working Group who was in town on holiday. Being the excellent tour guides we are we gave him the hot tips on where to get the best ice cream in town.

Andy Budd is busy talking to people about future projects, our vacancy for a Principle User Experience Design and our pursuit for graduates for our internship this autumn.

Viviana and myself have been preparing for Young Rewired State which kicks off next week. We will be mentoring and running a workshop on Monday introducing the participants to user experience design and how to keep focus on their project throughout the week.

Progress on the new office is happening on multiple fronts. An official site for the space will be launching any day now with the physical entity of 68 Middle Street coming along nicely. We’ve been in talks with the great team at Boulder Brighton, where we have become regulars, about how we can get creative with the outdoor space.

Rich, Sophie, Mark and Paul have been on holiday meaning they avoided the brief downpour we had, it also meant they missed my birthday lunch. After being refurbished a few months back we tried out the Eagle’s new kitchen. I can report back that it the food was good and it’s back on the lunchtime options list.

Whilst enjoying the sites of Glasgow and its rich architectural history, Paul met the guys on the team at the 2014 Commonwealth Games after the huge enjoyment he got from volunteering at the London Olympics last year.

After a relaxing holiday doing home renovations James Bates has been refining designs for the 68 Middle Street site and preparing for a new project with nuts.com.

Aaaand breath.