It has been another busy week for us at Clearleft HQ, so many interesting projects and personal achievements a plenty.

Ben W, Ellen and Rich have been continuing to get under the skin of a global charity working with children and campaigning for their human rights. We are on the final leg of the discovery phase and working towards our recommendations presentation next week. We ran workshops around messaging, content lifecycle and design direction last week. Rich has been concept mapping and class diagramming his way to information architecture success!

Ellen saw the Andromeda galaxy through a telescope which is 2.5 million light years away. She was very pleased about this.

Graham is continuing to work with eLife Sciences on a soon-to-be announced project.

Jon, Clare and Charlotte are on the final sprint for a project working with a well known educational publisher. Jon and Clare are about to kick off another project with the same client and negotiating a further project due to start in April. Well done to all involved in this!

Ben S has been running workshops with a local council. Citizen focused workshop post it highlights were "MY CHILD IS DOOMED" and "Why did the judge say that?"

Our front end dev team all attended EnhanceConf in London for a day on progressive enhancement: Almost a full dev team day out, only missing our student son Graham who is off at uni. Jeremy was Master of Ceremonies at EnhanceConf.

Anna A has mainly been involved in the Springforward events. So far these have taken place: Make your ideas happen, Pixels and Prosecco as well as mother daughter creative workshops which our lovely Duty Manager Kayla helped with. All went well other than the Prosecco not being delivered.

Andy B gave a “keynote” at the Interactions Edu Summit in Finland, based on this article…

James Bates and Box (yes they were separated at birth) have been collaborating on the brand and aesthetics with a well known lingerie brand. They have also been working hard to recruit new UX and UI hires at Clearleft.

Andy T attended the IxDA conference in Helsinki

Kate has had her UX London hat on, as usual. We sold the last of the Three Day passes… handful of one day passes left!

I have been involved in a lot of resource planning, project managing, contract negotiation and birthday shenanigans. I am so thrilled to be in the next age category. Feeling wise.