By the toll of a billion deaths, man had earned his immunity, his right to survive among this planet's infinite organisms, and that right is ours against all challenges, for neither do men live or die in vain.

You're not wrong there H.G. Wells, but this week the immune systems of multiple Clearlefties were challenged quite a bit. Ellen, Rich, Jess, Clare and Charlotte were all feeling poorly at various points. Fortunately they seem to be recovering well. Richard's convalescence is marked by a deep drop in his vocal timbre. I think we should take advantage of this brief period when he sounds like James Earl Jones, and have him record our voicemail messages.

It seems like Ben White has returned from paternity leave at just the right time to bring home some viruses.

On the work front, things are rolling along nicely. Jon, Charlotte, and Clare are operating like a single organism as they tackle the interface challenges on the education project they're immersed in. It's a joy to watch them at work, observing the way that an agile process merges with responsive design and pattern libraries.

Meanwhile Rich and Ellen are deep, deep within a discovery phase, workshopping like crazy. No doubt Boxman can relate—he has immersed himself in his client's world, doing as much on-site ethnographic research as he can. And if there's anything you ever want to know about universities, Ben Sauer is turning into an expert on the topic as he continues to delve deep into the world of academia.

Graham and Mikey have been huddled together scheming on something with our friends at Bison Beer. Speaking of which: congratulations on the successful funding, friends!

Kate is keeping the UX London ship sailing, working tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure that everything will go smoothly for what it shaping up to be an incredible three days. And of course Tessa is making sure that all the events at 68 Middle Street are running equally as smoothly.