On the 28th of September at 68 Middle street in Brighton at 6pm, a small crew of content strategists will be bringing you an evening of talks and open discussion on the delicious subject of digital content.

The evening will be most suitable for the dietary requirements of those who work in the digital industry, and particularly suitable for those who have a penchant for language strategy, copywriting, branding, digital governance and digital storytelling.

What's happening?

For the first hour we’ll be keeping it healthy and wholesome, with two talks on digital storytelling; one from content strategist Rob Mansfield and another with tone of voice specialist Heather Atchison. In the second half, we’re serving up an ‘open space’ discussion –an opportunity to choose the topics and issues that you would like to discuss.

Book a place at The Content Deli. It’s free.

Why the Content Deli?

My personal motivation for starting the Content Deli was to open content discussions to every discipline in the digital industry (and maybe even beyond) so that we can collaborate more closely and find new ways of integrating content into the process of creating fruitful and worthwhile digital experiences.

Over the past few months, our internal Content Delicatessen at Clearleft has seen:

• Jeremy Keith using it as a ‘rubber ducking’ session to help him structure his upcoming talks

• a nit-picking session on the wording of our company values

• discussions around the methods James Box has discovered for gathering blog content

• discussions on the information architecture for a guest’s new site

• a poetry reading by a local Phd student

Why the name, I hear you ask?

Once upon a time the Clearleft UX designers had an internal collaborative meeting called the UX Laundromat, so when the collaborative content meet-up came along... we just moved one door up hipster-high-street and called it the Content Deli.

Why wouldn’t you come?

You don’t have to be a content specialist or a content strategist to come to the Deli and you certainly don’t have to be a writer.

It doesn’t really matter what line of work you’re in, the chances are you’re sitting on a story you’re struggling to give a shape to, wrestling with some kind of information structure, or at the very least trying to get some clarity on an idea.

The Content Deli should provide you with a good selection of the following savoury treats; clarity, inspiration, a starting point, structure and resources. At the very least it should be and an entertaining evening of meeting a healthy group of content amateurs and connoisseurs in Brighton.

See you there.