Working with such a divergent group of experts and enthusiasts has meant that throughout the day people are holding up a variety of lenses to the subject of AI, from creative futurism, to philosophy, to absurdism, to ethics. The vocabularies are wide ranging, and the invented vocabularies even more so (...cottage accelerationism, metempsychosis, polyoculars, patalanguage…). Facilitating these enthused, energetic and deeply important discussions has without a doubt required a peaceful, hidden away landscape to contain them. 

Workshop space at Juvet in Western Norway

The team

Warren Ellis

Warren is an comic book writer, a novelist, a screenwriter and fascinating font of knowledge.

Matt Webb

Matt *is* a start up accelerator for IoT, a speaker and a book writer - a man with eclectic ideas on bots.

Amber Case

Cyborg anthropologist, and speaker on the topic. Purveyor of facts and proposals with great energy.

Kate Devlin

Kate Devlin is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computing at Goldsmiths, and a computer scientist specialising in Artificial intelligence and Human–computer interaction (HCI).

Josh Clark

Mobile/IoT/AI/bot designer, founder of Big Medium, speaker and writer. General spreader of positivity. Also a silo demolisher.

Chris Noessel

Head of Design for IBM’s travel & transportation industry.He teaches, speaks about, and evangelizes on design internationally.

Ben Remington

Insatiably curious UX designer with mad-scientist ingenuity.

Dirk Knemeyer

Serves humanity by making better social systems & evocative shared experiences. Chairman of the fascinating Goinvo

Bill Thompson

As known from BBC Click on the World Service. Good egg and an eye for Norwegian trolls, waiting for a drone to get caught in his hair.

Cennydd Bowles

Designs digital products, and the teams that make them. Teaches contemporary skills for digital designers. Also a speaker and writer. Listen to him on ethics.

Daniel Harvey

Passionate about building a better tomorrow in the creative industries. Speaker, mentor, writer, advisor. 

Lysandre Follet

Director of generative design in Nike’s Innovation Department. 
Also builds modular synthesizers. Killed by a replicant earlier today.

Dan Hon

Technology, systems and people. Silo demolisher. AI absurdist. Neural-netting. Newsletterist.

Karen Kaushansky

Experience designer and product designer. VUI and bots. Retro-nouns.

Ishan Shapiro

Patadata. Wooden flute.

Adrian Zumbrunnen

Has a lovely website that talks to you, but is also working on Google Lens.

Andy Budd

One of the founders of Clearleft. AI curious. Retreat Visionary. Speaker on design matters.

Ellen de Vries

Collaboration. Facilitation. Documentation. Puppeteer and robot enthusiast.

Ben Sauer

Voice UI. UX. Product Strategy. 

James Gilyead

Photographer, documentation. Visualiser. 

Team Juvet.

Of course, we recognise that any particular group, being such a small group, will come at the subject with a particular angle. Bias is something we need to tackle in AI. But this is a small, small way of contributing to the great task of progressing the way we think about such an amorphous subject. The work we do does result in an output that reflects our positions, but the aim is to ‘get doing’ and promote thinking while making in any way we can. The principles of open space discussions apply: "What happens is the only thing that could have happened", "Whoever comes are the right people".