Held at our studio in Brighton, it was a complimentary afternoon of informative and fun short talks and an evening of delicious food, fine beverages, funky tunes and - of course - fabulous company.

Design and digital in action

Held in our auditorium at 68 Middle Street, the afternoon featured a mini conference especially for clients old and new. It highlighted eight short talks given by members of the Clearleft team and friends, on a variety of core topics:

  • ‘What I talk about when I talk about service design’ by Richard Rutter, Clearleft
  • ‘What I learned about UX from going to the toilet’ by Chris How, Clearleft
  • ‘The art of search listening’ by Sophie Coley, Propellernet
  • ‘Designing design systems’ by Jerlyn Jareunpoon-Phillips, Clearleft
  • ‘Workplace topology’ by Danielle Huntrods, Clearleft
  • ‘Adapting to design culture’ by Andy Thornton, Clearleft
  • ‘How’s your team’s conflict competence?’ by Julia Whitney, Whitney & Associates
  • ‘Building a world class design team’ by Andy Budd, Clearleft

Sharing to learn…

The speaker sessions were the perfect opportunity to knowledge share amongst our peers and foster a culture of learning – something we are hugely passionate about at Clearleft. As one client said, “That was brilliant - it feels like all the talks were designed especially for us” confirming that we fed people’s curiosity for industry insights and market challenges.

BBQ, beers and bunting

As the evening approached, we retired to our deck to be joined by friends and ex-Clearlefties (you can check out but you can never leave). A few craft beers were cracked open, we mixed up some local gins and tonic, tucked into Filipino barbecue supplied by our friends at Mestiza and the conversations flowed. All in all, a perfect end to a fantastic event – one we hope to repeat next year. Thanks to everyone who came along and participated - we couldn’t do it without you!

Interested in seeing some of the speaker sessions?

You can access some of the talks below:

‘What I talk about when I talk about service design’, by Rich Rutter

Introduction to getting service design done by the back door.

‘Building a world class design team’, by Andy Budd

Filmed at The Next Web conference and repurposed for our recent event, Andy's talk outlines nine things you need to do to foster a healthy design culture, hire the right people, nurture talent and build a world class design team; in order to use design for your competitive advantage.

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