When The Fortunecats first suggested that we give the whole of our new home over to Digital Art during the Brighton Digital Festival, I was interested to learn more.

Throughout the curation process, it turns out that there is an ongoing debate between the practitioners of this emerging art form as to what is included in the genre. Are digital games a legitimate piece of art? Does the exhibit have to push the boundaries of technology or merely harness it?

I'm not sure I've reached my own conclusion yet. We are only starting out on the exhibition this weekend, and it is sometimes hard to visualise the pieces from the paper submissions. I can't wait to see them all realised. There's a changing programme throughout the month.

We open with an awesome work by Alex May . His beautiful site specific installation was installed amidst the dust and debris as the builders put the finishing touches to the building refurbishment (and is a testament to his patience). Later in the month we'll have everything from a multi sensory animation to a 3D printed body scan to a virtual therapist.

Take a look at the listings and pop by whenever you can. We'll be happy to debate with you, and also show you around the new building. The exhibition is open 11am - 5pm, Wednesday to Saturday from 31st August to 29th September.